uv-technik were one of the first companies to introduce electronic power supplies for the control of UV lamps. They offer significant advantages over conventional magnetic ballasts such as: Weight, simple operation and installation, instant and variable power control switching, one ballast can control a range of lamps. See "Why EBS link" for more information.


  • Energy Saving
  • Much more efficient than conventional magnetic power supplies
  • Step less (continuous) adjustability of lamp power
  • Constant output
  • Much lighter and smaller
  • Easier to fit
  • Voltage or bus control options
  • One power supply for a range of lamps
  • Intelligent output signal and monitoring
  • Ability to pulse between 10 - 100 % in 5 milliseconds without damage to lamp
  • Longer lamp lifetime
  • 376 to 509 V at 50 and 60Hz, no need to change tapping’s
  • Square wave UV output gives more homogenous curing at high speeds (no "banding!") as there are no "dark spots" in the waveform