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Gaining the edge by innovative technological development!

Starting with our electronic ballasts, the pioneering invention that we developed more than 17 years ago, we have continued to offer innovations that significantly broaden the scope of solutions that UV technology can provide. This potential is our motivation, and it has made us not only a synonym for innovation and groundbreaking developments in the world of UV technology but also one of the leading brands in this segment.

In this way, our passion for special UV technology continues to inspire more and more customers, partners and other technophiles. Because all of our knowledge and technological edge serve only one purpose:

Gaining the edge by innovative technological development!

Maybe uv-technik meyer gmbh will develop the first electronic ballast that can interperet your needs quicker than you can - who knows? What may sound like science fiction is in fact not so far off in reality: in the beginning, there is always an idea, a vision that our experts and partners put into practice so that we can help you extend your competitive edge even further.

Our contribution to your success!

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The beginning of

In 1986, Karl-Heinz Meyer and Michael Miseré met for the first time. Both of them were young engineers who shared a common vision: They wanted to provide services to industrial clients and establish their reputation as specialists in tailor-made UV lamps including matching components. Their greatest passion has always been, and still is, to develop individual solutions for all sorts of UV-related issues. Therefore, they founded uv-technik, the company that has been putting their vision into practice for 25 years now. As one of the first component suppliers in Germany, they have been promoting this technology from the very beginning.

The history of uv-technik meyer gmbh


Establishment of UV technik, LLC, (Florida) as a subsidiary Managed by uv-technik Meyer Germany + 49 6041 9628 13.

Sale of 51% shareholding of uv-technik Speziallampen GmbH division to Dr. Hoenle AG, Graefelfing / Munich.

Strategic expansion of the product range by taking over uv-systec and its range of UVC sterilisation systems for surface disinfection.

Expansion of the manufacture of electronic ballasts for UV low-pressure lamps by takeover and establishment of uv-electronic gmbh in Durchhausen, Germany.

Karl-Heinz Meyer and Keith Lane establish uv-technik international ltd in the U.K. This Luton-based subsidiary is founded to further extend their international business activities. The new company infrarot speziallampen gmbh is established as a subsidiary of uv-technik speziallampen gmbh.

Founding of uv-technik meyer gmbh with the new general management of Karl-Heinz Meyer and Axel Steuernagel, and the founding of uv-technik speziallampen gmbh.

Network development in cooperation with uv-technik's technology partner. The first and most successful electronic ballast for UV medium-pressure lamps, with continuously variable power control and pulse operation, is manufactured.

Takeover of a lamp-manufacturing company near Ilmenau (Germany). Since 1997, this company has been operating under the name of uv-technik speziallampen gmbh.

Karl-Heinz Meyer and Michael Misere establish the company uv-technik. Their mission statement is: "acting as a strategic partner for industrial clients and as a system supplier of tailor-made UV lamps and components".

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