uv Technicians

Our uv technicians

All our employees share common values and strive to use their vast knowledge and their innovative strength to take an active part in shaping the future of uv-technik meyer gmbh.

We respect and appreciate the national and cultural diversity within our company and customers and are well aware that our success is based on the competence and commitment of our team.

Our objective is to sustainably increase the value of our company, focusing on the interests of our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

We aim to impress with quality, performance, reliability, flexibility and openness; we build trust by acting with integrity, and we are continuously improving in every respect.

We know that we need to be ready for change in order to stay competitive in the long run, and we act accordingly.

Our customers are central to all our activities. We act as partners to our customers in order to create value for both sides.

The structural framework of our organisation provides a high degree of personal autonomy and entrepreneurial action. We encourage and motivate our team members to use their creativity and skills for the success of the company and we promote both their professional careers and their personal development.

For us, our technical and economic competence is linked to our corporate responsibility of working for the benefit of people and to social commitment. We aim at making a lasting and positive contribution to a sustainable and environmentally compatible development.