The QSO 3 is a continuous UV monitor that will give a 0-10 VDC output proportional to the UV received at the tip of the probe. This device is commonly installed by UV machine OEM's at their production stage but can be retrofitted if necessary.

The 0-10VDC signal output can be connected to a PLC or even a basic voltmeter so that you can monitor the uv intensity received from the lamp continuously. Different lamps will emit different intensities so the sensitivity can be adjusted between 20 and 2,000 mW/cm².

The QSO3 uv monitor is available in a range of waveband specific models for UVA, UVB, UVC and UV Visible. It is compact, easy to fit and only weighs ~ 200g.

We recommend using our simple air purging ring option for this unit to ensure the sensor surface is kept free of unwanted contamination like dust. For further information please follow the link to the data sheet below.

QSO3 Technical Data