uv technik manufacture a range of conventional chokes, transformers and variable transformers (TDK or "DC saturated core") between 40W and 60kW.

choke is used in electrical circuits for controlling the current and limiting the uv lamp current to a desired value. A choke will need to be selected depending on both the lamp as well as the mains voltage/frequency. Chokes are only suitable for lamps with an approximate power of up to 5 – 6 kw and up to 40-50cm arc length.

Ignitors are used to provide the necessary high-striking voltage to ignite a UV lamp used in a UV system powered by chokes.

transformer will increase the available voltage to ignite and run a longer or more powerful uv lamp. In addition they are used to control the uv lamp current. Alternatively transformers can be used with capacitors to create a ‘Constant Wattage’ circuit.

capacitor is a device used as a temporary storage for an electrical charge and come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be used to prevent an unnecessarily high electrical current being drawn from the mains supply (Power Factor Correction). They also allow for incremental adjustment in lamp power to suit the specific requirements of a uv process.

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