Double Aachen (For Fibre Optic and FRP curing applications)

The Double Aachen is an air cooled reflector unit that uv technik has designed specifically for fibre optic and FRP curing applications. The reflector unit allows for the fibre optic to be irradiated evenly around its circumference. This is achieved as the uv light reflects off of two semi’ circular highly polished anodized reflectors. These reflectors also have the flexibility that they can be adjusted if required.

This lamp head can be individually configured (by the customer) to handle multiple fibre optic cables or FRP rods. Changing of the lamps and reflectors can be easily achieved due to the opening ‘case’ design. A range of arc lengths are available up to 200cm. The lamp design is also available in various specifications to suit different applications.

uv-technik has manufactured these reflector units for many companies around the globe that have sought to upgrade their production facilities to a reliable UV fibre optic or FRP curing solution. If you are a company that produces fibre optic cable/FRP and would like to speak to us about this unit or receive a quotation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please see below pictures of the unit.

double aachen picture2