Medium Pressure mercury vapour Curing lamps, emit a high intensity, broad band Mercury Spectrum as standard, they are also sometimes known as "365nm lamps" or in some markets high pressure lamps.

However different Spectrums can be created by adding rare earth metals ("doping") to the lamp to change its spectral output. Please see our UV-lamp overview for more detailed information:

For example Iron doped medium pressure mercury vapour lamps, often referred to as UVA spectrum lamps, "metal halide lamps" or "D" bulbs, are mainly used when a deeper cure is required or for clear varnishes, coatings, adhesives or lacquers. They are also more popular in Asia as the chemistry of inks and coatings in that region is sometimes more suited to this kind of lamp.

Gallium doping can also be added to give a deeper cure and avoid the absorption of UV by Titanium Dioxide, an additive often used in white coatings, either in printing or in the furniture coating industries. Sometimes referred to as "white cure bulbs" or "V" bulbs,  these lamps produce a "UV Visible" or UVV spectral output.

Standard medium pressure Mercury vapour lamps are sometimes known as "H or H+" bulbs, give a good all round cure under most circumstances and also produce a high level of UV energy in the shorter ~ 254nm UVC wavelengths which offer a better surface cure and can also be used in conjunction with an additional Gallium doped lamp for example in a 2 lamp system to provide a good surface and depth cure in special applications.

In summary this means that the lamp can be specifically matched to special or "non-standard" inks or coatings with different photoinitiator sensitivities such as UV LED inks, Whites and thick lacquers or adhesives. Please see list for spectral options to match to your coating or ink manufacturers specification.