UV Air Disinfection / Odor Treatment

uv technik has over 30 years expertise in uv air disinfection. This involves micro organisms floating freely within the air of a room being treated by UVC radiation. This is far more effective than the conventional means for disinfecting air which are generally ineffective. UVC Air disinfection will lead to a substantial reduction of airborne organisms present within a room. The process for UVC air disinfection essentially involves air being forced by natural convection into the irradiated region of a uv disinfection device. The result is that the danger of airborne infection, which is a factor in many illnesses, is considerably reduced. 

An alternative method is the use of circulation disinfection systems with integrated UVC lamps. This is a solution for HVAC systems for example. The advantage is that the uv light is shielded which is an important health and safety consideration for any application where uv is present. The HVAC uv air disinfection devices we produce are therefore suitable for those in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industries. The calculation for the required irradiation and air flow depends on the room dimensions as well as the amount and type(s) of germs. The dimensions of these parameters can be calculated at uv technik with years of experience.

Please see below the range of uv air disinfection devices that we provide. With our expertise and experience in the field of uv disinfection, we can assist you in providing the exact solution that you require.