UV Fixed Reflector Unit Without Shutter - Aachen

The "Aachen" is a popular solution for applications where the uv curing process is continuous. It has no shutters but has easily adjustable focused reflectors. It is also available in multiple lengths. The “Aachen” uv cassette is used for applications where there is no issue of the substrate being stationary in front of the lamp while working, e.g ON at start of shift and OFF at the end.

They are robustly constructed (from stainless steel and aluminium) and offer a cost effective solution for many UV curing applications. Additionally, a quartz glass plate can be fitted on the casing in front of the uv lamp to protect the lamp from dirt and debris and if needed reduce heat form the surface of the substrate.

Please note that we can also supply replacement any of the replacement components for this reflector unit (uv lamp cassette) on request.


Aachen Measurements