The UV Hali generates ozone from shielded uv lamps. It does not produce the poisonous Nitrogen Oxides - NOx in contrast to electrical discharge devices (i.e. corona, barrier, silent). Ozone itself is a strong oxidizer capable of eliminating bactuerial and viruses in short time. This includes all surfaces such as metal, glass, textiles and plastics.

How does it work?

1. Simply place the UV-HALI inside the room with a volume up to 500 m3. (connects to mains) 

2. Close all doors, windows and ventilation openings.

3. Start the device by the timer (included).

4. This starts the generation of Ozone for 1 hour. (enough for the 99.99% elimination
of viruses and bacteria).

5. Doors and windows should be only be opened after 3 hours.
The 3rd-hour period is necessary for the natural decomposition of Ozone back to Oxygen)

Technical Information

uv hali uv ozone air sterlisation

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