This instrument is particularly useful in a fixed source curing chamber or laboratory environment where an accurate reading of UV Visible, A B or C is required. This device is compatible with both the SI1 and TS1 sensors. The sensor is placed in the area where the UV intensity is to be measured and a direct readout in mW/cm² can be seen on the digital display.

A range of calibrations are available so the unit can measure uv intensity from low pressure and medium pressure lamps as well as UV LED arrays. There is also a ‘Full uv’ option for broad spectrum uv measurement.

The HI1 hand held unit is multi-functional uv measuring device allowing maximum and minimum values to be stored, sensor fault indication, low battery warning and a generous, easy to read 7/16 segment display.

The unit is robust, portable and easily stored due to its size. For more information please take a look at the data sheet which is available from the link below.

Technical data

 Art. No.


 System accuracy

± 0,1 % of measured values ± 3 digits 


0,5 W/m² (= 0,05 mW/cm²)

 Measuring rate

2,5 mops

 LC display

7 segments: Measured value 5 char, 15 mm

16 segments: Units 2 characters, 9 mm


7 silicone keys 

 Operating temperature

-10°C...+60°C (continuous) 

 Power supply

3 x AA alkaline batteries,  5 mA 

 Current consumption 

approx. 10 mA without uv sensor. With connected uv sensor SI 1 in total approx. 15 mA 


approx. 270 g

 Dimensions (L x W x H)

approx. 125 x 80 x 40 mm 

 Housing material

ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) 

 Extent of the delivery

Hand-held unit including 3 AA alkaline batteries, manual 



Plastic case for one Hand-held unit HI 1 and for up to three UV sensors SI 1