The TS 1 is a quartz rod UV intensity sensor. This instrument is particularly useful in a continuous curing environment where access can be achieved via a keyhole or inspection window. Measurements are read by use in combination with of our handheld meter the Hi1.This unit provides accurate reading of UV Vis, A B or C wavelengths. The probe is inserted into the area where the UV intensity is to be measured and a direct readout in MW/cm² can be seen on the digital display of the HI 1. The device benefits from a number of advantages including:

  • Easy to us uv measurement device
  • Multiple calibration are available: UV-C, UV-B, UV-A, UV-VIS, UV-LED and full UV
  • Mounting plate and guidance place included to ensure a consistent measuring location
  • The device calibration is stored I the intelligent sensor plug
  • The quartz rod is protected by a stainless steel tube

 ts1 how to measure uv

For further advice or questions on this uv measurement device please don't hesitate to contact us any time.