Our most popular UV curing lamp head the "Ellwangen" is available in lengths of up to 145cm arc length. It has shutters to protect the substrate whilst stationary e.g when "making ready" or pausing the curing process and also serve as adjustable, focused reflectors when the press or machine is curing.

The key to our success with this lamp head is its simplicity. The Ellwangen has been incorporated into some very complex automated uv machinery over the years. From traditional uv printing to complex 3D automotive applications. The unit can be mounted vertically (standard mercury Lamps only) or horizontally.

We have a variety of cooling air exhaust solutions and customised units to match individual applications. The shutters can be operated electrically or pneumatically. This lamp head can be used in conjunction with the Air Temperature Control Set which helps to keep the lamp temperature stable for reliable curing results every time.

housing dimensions



EA Electrode distance uv lamp (recommendation: EA = curing width plus 30-100 mm, depending from lamp height

1- UV lamp
2- Easy to renew reflector sheets
3- 2 Covers, to be removed when lamp have to be changed
4- Tube connection piece ø 100mm (dimension C; other dimensions on request). With long uv lamps and depending from needed air volume 2 or 3 connection pieces symmetrical over total length
5- Driver with pneumatic cylinder (55 mm) or electric actuator (106 mm)