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uv technik encourage the safe and responsible use of our uv products. We are happy to provide advice and guidance to those that use our products and always refer our customers to read (in full) and understand the guidance provided in our user manuals and data sheets. We can only recommend our products with the expectation that our customers ensure the proper safety considerations have been met, from the point of purchase through to those installing the products, and finally those that use them or are in the environments in which they operate. The main risks faced from improper usage of uv equipment are as follows:

• Risk of burns to the skin from from direct uv light exposure without shielding

• Risk of damage to eyesight from direct uv light exposure without shielding

• Risk of inhaling ozone through inadequate extraction systems

• Risk of serious injury from incorrect installation of high powered electrical equipment by unqualified individuals

Please see a useful data sheet in the right hand side menu of this page for a guide about use of low and medium pressure uv lamps. In addition, beneath that there is a safety guide relevant to UV Disinfection equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact us for guidance on safe use of any uv equipment and we will be delighted to assist. In addition, if you own any of our products and have lost or misplaced the manual, please contact us for a replacement. Please see below an example safety and electrical safety section from one of our manuals:

Example Safety Section

Example Safety Section

Example Electrical Safety Section

Example Elecrical Safety Section


Example Maintenance Section

Another important aspect of safe usage of uv equipment is ensuring the maintenance of the uv product is carried out in accordance with the uv product manual. The above is an example of the maintenance section of one of our products.

Safe Disposal

disposal of uv products example

Our product manuals also include a section on safe disposal of our products. Above is an example.