The UV Smell has been designed by uv technik for installation into kitchen hoods and filters, as well as expulsion ducts. It is a device that uses UVC technology to treat exhaust air from the exhaust systems of commercial and industrial kitchens in catering, canteens, restaurants and takeaways. Alternatively variants with ozone producing lamps are available to combat odors. Optionally, a TiO2 filter can be ordered.

This filter contains nano-structured titanium dioxide that, in combination with the very high UVC power emitted by lamps, is an excellent photo-catalyst that degrades pollutants and organic and inorganic compounds (SOV, NOx and VOC volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides). Its frame is made completely of stainless steel (AISI 304). The special materials used for UV-SMELL ensures watertight protection (IP 55), high temperature resistance, as well as endurance of fats and oils. The UV-SMELL is powered by a cable with multi-pin plug that must be connected to MASTER-SMELL control unit.

Technical Information

UV Smell Technical

Please see the data sheet on this page for more information. Also, please don't hesitate to contact us for any technical or sales advice about any of our uv odor elimination devices.