This UV Stylo is a compact device used for disinfection in water tanks and other liquid tanks. By using a dip tube, containing the UVC lamp, this unit can be completely immersed into liquids requiring disinfection and is protection class IP 68. This water disinfection unit can therefore directly sterilize spray water and other liquids, which have good transmission at 254nm wavelength. The device administers a dose of UVC into the liquid resulting in a significant decrease its microbial content. Toxic byproducts of chemical disinfection will no longer be an issue as the process of uv water disinfection is chemical free.

Technical Data

uv stylo water disinfection technical data

Optional Extras

[P] UVLON shatter proof
[F] Model with stainless steel flange
[B] with control box (without MASTER control)
[Ba] with control box (without MASTER control) and alarm indicator if lamp is defect
[MASTER] Power controlled operation

Please see the data sheet on this page for more information. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any technical or sales advice about any of our uv water disinfection devices.