Our submersible tube and immersion lamp systems are made of the highest quality materials, to the highest quality European standards. Depending on the application, these systems can be equipped with a plastic or stainless steel adapter. The lamp starter can be integrated into the system if required. Our products have been designed with the end user in consideration. An additional advantage of our submersible systems is that the UV lamp can be exchanged without tooling. Example applications for these systems includes drinking water, ballast water, waste water, process water, salt water, swimming pools, photo-chemistry, TOC-analysis devices, TN/TP-digestion. But equally, the devices can be used in many other air, surface, liquid applications depending on the customer requirement.

Please see below the range of these products that we offer. With our expertise, and experience in the field of UV disinfection, we can assist you in providing the most effective and efficient uv solutions. Please contact us at any time if you would like to discuss our UV submersible systems.