The UV Tunnel has been developed by uv technik to serve as a conveyor irradiator. This can be used for example in applications such as airport security check zones. The UVC chamber will significant reduce the micro-biological and virological contamination of surfaces and packages on the conveyor or production line. The chemical free disinfection process is carried out in this safe, and light shielded UVC chamber.

Features of the UV Tunnel

UV-C amalgam lamp (253.7 nm)
Quartz sleeve with a reflector (with shatter protection)
Water-tight and dust-tight (IP 68)
Powered by electronic ballast
Electrical cabinet for ballasts
Mains: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
CE-mark (LVD -EMC -MD -RoHS)
Wheel diameter: 50 mm
Wheel distance(axis–axis): 67 mm
Velocity: 0.1 m/s

Technical Data

UV Tunnel technical2

Please see the data sheets on this page for more information. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any technical or sales advice about any of our uv surface disinfection devices.