uv technik can produce infrared emitters in wide range of specifications and wavelengths. Because of this, our IR Lamps are suitable for many different applications including: ink and varnish curing, packaging, (wooden) furniture production, textiles, treatment of glass and plastics. Industrial applications such as those described are a perfect match for IR Lamps where a reliable heating process is required.

In addition to producing our own original IR emitters we also have an extensive database of other IR Lamps that may offer a suitable replacement for an existing lamp that a customer may be using. Our Infrared Lamps are made from high quality materials in a state of the art factory resulting in the highly effective and efficient products that has helped us establish a high reputation over 30 years within this industry.

Technical Data

Infrared Lamps Technical Data

IR Lamp Designs

Infrared Lamps Designs

The right side menu on this page contains the downloadable data sheet for this product, along with a check list to help identify an existing lamp. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any technical or sales advice about our Infrared Lamps (IR Emitters).