The mini reflector unit has been specifically designed for the curing of small areas. It has a simple and robust build. It is designed for short arc lengths of up to 8cm. The typical lamp power is between 200w and 800W.

It contains highly polished, anodised aluminium reflectors. There is an igniter integrated into the mini reflector unit. The unit includes an axial fan for cooling of the uv lamp. It is compatible with conventional ballasts or electronic power supplies (EPS). Please see here for information about our uv electronic power supplies and conventional ballasts.

Suitable applications for the mini reflector unit include adhesive curing and small-scale applications such as inkjet printing. The unit is compatible with Mercury (Hg), Iron (Fe) and Gallium (Ga) UV lamps.

Reflector unit type Mini - Technical Data

Lamp power

approx. 200 to 800 W

Arc length

up to approx. 80 mm

Lamp cooling 

air cooled (sucking or blowing) with fixed mounted axial fan

Mains supply

230 V / 50 Hz

Type of power supply

Conventional or electronic power supply (EPS), external

Length supply cable

max. 5 m, with EPS and potentially shorter

Weight reflector unit

approx. 2 to 3 kg

Mounting position reflector unit Mini

in any direction

Distance to the substrate

Depending from application, typically approx. 20...50mm between the reflector unit and the substrate. 

Light shielding

Has to be provided by the customer and depends from the installation conditions