UV Tube (Integrator for measuring intensity and dose)

The uv tube is an integrator that has the ability to measure uv intensity, dosage and temperature. The shape of the device males it especially suited to bottle and tube machinery. It has been designed to include multiple sensors allowing measurement of individual intensities and dose at each specific band. 

The benefits of this uv measurement device include:

  • Options include UV-A, -B -C intensity in mW/cm² + Dose in mJ/cm²
  • Full UV intensity in mW/cm² + Dose in mJ/cm²
  • Temperature in °C / °F (UV Tube 3CT)*
  • Storage of all measured values on SD card
  • PC software with many user-friendly features

Please see below the technical data:

 uv tube intensity dose measurement

For further advice or questions on this uv measurement device please don't hesitate to contact us any time.